GLUT Transporters

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GLUT1- Role Constituative, responsible for basal uptake
GLUT1- Location Almost every tissue
GLUT1- Glucose Affinity 2.5-8mM
GLUT2- Role Prevents entry of glucose into certain cells to preserve it for when necessary
GLUT2- Location Liver and pancreatic B cells
GLUT2- Glucose Affinity Low, at 15-20mM, but very high uptake in this range
GLUT2- Role in Liver Allows glucose entry for storage when blood glucose levels are high enough
GLUT2- Role in Pancreas When glucose is high enough, enters beta cells and signals insulin release
GLUT3- Role Compliment GLUT1 uptake in highly active tissues
GLUT3- Location Brain
GLUT4- Role Basal insulin uptake (but is most effected by insulin)
GLUT4- Location Skeletal muscle
GLUT4- Glucose Affinity 5mM, but this changes with insulin secretion
GLUT5- Role Fructose transporter
GLUT5- Location Found in the small intestine
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