Nuclear Physics: Atomic Structure 2

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This flash card deck covers the content and structure of the atom, Rutherford's gold foil experiment and the Bohr model. It should be used in conjunction with the mind map on nuclear physics and the note on atomic structure.

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Structure of the atom Negatively charged electrons orbiting a positively charged nucleus
Rutherfords gold foil experiment There is a dense positive core at the centre of the atom around which the electrons orbit
Type of radiation used in Rutherford's experiment Alpha radiation
Bohr model The nucleus was composed of protons and neutrons packed tightly together; electrons spin around it in fixed orbits
Increase in electron ring radius corresponds with ... Increase in energy level
When atoms gain energy Electrons jump from a lower energy state to the next energy level
When electrons return to their original level They emit a photon
Emission line spectra Caused by photon emission
Spectrometer Used to demonstrate line spectra
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