Nuclear Physics: Nuclear Energy 2

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This flash card deck covers the types of nuclear energy, including fission and fusion, and Einstein's mass-energy equivalence equation. It is ideally used in conjunction with the note on nuclear energy, and the mind map on nuclear physics.

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Types of nuclear reactions 1. Alpha, beta or gamma emission from radioactive nuclei; 2. Nuclear fission; 3. Nuclear fusion
Einstein's Mass-Energy Equivalence Equation: E = mc²
Fission The splitting of a large nucleus into two smaller nuclei, along with a release of energy and neutrons
Fission chain reaction occurs when at least one neutron is emitted, which then goes on to cause another fission reaction
Example of fission reactions Nuclear reactors
Fusion Combining two smaller nuclei to form a single larger nucleus, with the release of energy
Example of fusion reaction How the sun gets its energy
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