Maths: Formulas for Areas & Perimeters of Shapes

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Here are some flash cards to help you memorise the formulas of areas and perimeters of shapes. If I missed anything let me know. Sorry for the bad quality images, its the internet, what do you expect?

Annan S
Created by Annan S about 3 years ago
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Question Answer
Formula for area of a triangle? Area = Base x Height x 1/2 6c006db7-d33c-483e-b2ef-3548ac9b8e5f.gif (image/gif)
Formula for area of a rectangle? Area = L x W da735fa8-0bf4-4f53-b3b8-5e780b3f2b85.gif (image/gif)
Formula for area of a parallelogram? ea16e33a-6211-411c-a24a-2c93f1604773.jpeg (image/jpeg)
Formula for area of a rhombus? A = a x b x 1/2 (diagonals) f2e47ff9-2699-404c-9d82-f81288a90dde.gif (image/gif)
Formula for area of a kite? Or A = X x Y x 1/2 ef368b39-6070-423d-98dc-c4eb93aef418.jpg (image/jpg)
Formula for area of a trapezium? be54a887-2032-4aa2-a233-37ab164f96dc.jpg (image/jpg)
Formula for area of a circle? 35631b43-9df5-4d00-b05e-4fd249b52657.jpeg (image/jpeg)
Formula for circumference of a circle? 7126eb4c-aaf6-406f-9e0c-79e075963039.gif (image/gif)