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Alfred Hitchcock 1424f7a0-0c26-4e77-9dd9-1670b4e8fcdf.jpg (image/jpg) Characters: Hitchcock's female and male characters were often recognisable as they would normally be the same in all of his films. However, he usually created characters that would oppose the stereotypical audiences views. For example, the female characters would be a Femme Fatale whilst the males would be soft and lovable.
What made Hitchcock an Auteur? He always used styles that would be recognisable in any of his films so that the audiences could instantly realise that this was another one of his films. Whilst, he was known to elaborate with the same cast and crew, such as the composer Bernard Herman. Style: Hitchcock had a clear unique style. Firstly, a style he often follows is a cameo appearance in his movies. Therefore, this may provide the audience with an indication that this film is his territory and creation. Secondly, he allows the camera to take on human qualities so the audience feel as if they are uncovering a new story, perhaps solving a mystery or a crime. This is accomplished through point of view shots and fill in scenes with no dialogue so that the audience can see the action from a characters point of view.
How has he influenced me? Alfred Hitchcock's individual conventions have inspired me because I am fond of his ability to challenge stereotypical audience views by creating powerful female roles in order to provide equality. As well as this, females are able to relate to this and experience this growth, whilst the male audience would see the figure of the woman on screen as the object of desire and "the male gaze."
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