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It is a widely held view that... Being Cautious
According to recent reports, Being Cautious
In general terms, this means … Being Cautious
There is some evidence to suggest that … Being Cautious
The key problem with this explanation is that … Being Critical
A serious weakness with this argument, however, is that … Being Critical
However, this method of analysis has a number of limitations. Being Critical
These studies would have been more useful if they had focused on … Being Critical
Some people believe that X plays a critical role in … Introduction
Task 2 Introduction 1-3 Sentences Broad statement topic More Specific statement Thesis statement
Task 2 Supporting Paragraph 1 3-6 Sentences Topic Sentence (introduces topic of paragraph) Supporting Sentences: Evidence Examples
Task 2 Supporting Paragraph 2 3-6 Sentences Topic Sentence (introduces topic of paragraph) Supporting Sentences: Evidence Examples
Task 2 Conclusion Begins with "In conclusion," or "To sum up," Restate Thesis statement Does not introduce new ideas
Evidence suggests that X is among the most important factors for … Introduction
In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in … Introduction
X has been the subject of many studies in recent years … Introduction
Task 2 words for support paragraphs On the one hand, firstly, in addition, after all, for example, furthermore. On the other hand, secondly finally
Task 2 words for conclusion Finally, overall, to conclude, in conclusion. Proviso: As long as they are...
Task 2 End of introductory paragraph Personally, I feel is better to... There are valid arguments on both sides... and I will explain why, I will discuss now, I will consider now,
Task 1 Introduction Details to check WHAT is being shown WHAT is being measured How is it being measured When is being measured
Tip for both Task 1 and Task 2 Not copy the question as stated in the exam. Repeated words do not count towards word counting. Instead, rephrase the question.
Written Module Task 1 duration and length 20 minutes and 150 words
Written Module Task 2 duration and length 40 minutes and 250 words
Task 1 main paragraph elements Compares Contrast Identify trends Breakthrough
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