Day, Night and the Four Seasons

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Where does the Sun set every night? The Sun sets in the West every night.
At what time is the Sun highest in the sky? Midday (12pm in Winter but 1pm in British Summer Time).
Shadows are always shorter at Midday, why? Shadows are shorter at midday because the Sun is right above us meaning our shadows do not have to move far.
What star is right in the middle of the night sky? The Pole star.
Why do stars seem to 'move' in a circular pattern over long periods of time (months)? The starts do not actually move but they seem to as the earth rotates.
How long does it take the Earth to make a complete rotation? 24 hours
Does the Sun move around the Earth? No. The Earth moves around the Sun.
What time is it when the Earth is facing AWAY from the Sun? Night Time.
What time is it when the Earth is facing TOWARDS the Sun? Day Time.
How long does it take the Earth to orbit around the Sun? 365 Days (365.25)
Why is an extra day added every FOUR years (a leap year)? An extra day is added every four years because it takes 365 and a quarter days for the Earth to rotate around the Sun and so a quarter multiplied by 4 is the same as one whole. This means we have to add an extra day every 4 years (leap year).
What causes the FOUR SEASONS? The tilt of the Earth's axis causes the Earth to have Four Seasons.
When the north of the Earth is tilted TOWARDS the Sun, what Season is it? It is Summer because the planet is at its closest point to the Sun and so days are longer and hotter.
When the north of the Earth is tilted AWAY from the Sun, what season is it? It is Winter as the planet is at its furthest point from the Sun and so days are shorter and colder.
Where does the Sun rise every morning? The Sun rises in the East.
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