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sick pay is money given by an employer to someone who cannot work because of illness
a tide cottage is a house owned by your employer that you can live in far as long as you are employed
blue collar workers are workers on the factory floor. person who performs manual labour
white-collar worker person who performs work in an office environment and may involve sitting at a computer desk
pink-collar worked person whose labour is related to customer interaction, entertainment, service-oriented work
your track record is all your achievements or failures in the past
backroom boys are people in an organization whose work is not seen by the public
staf turnover is the amount of employees joining and leaving the company within a period of time
a golden handshake is the amount of money paid to senior managers when they leave the company
a floor/line manager is one of the managers who are responsible for production
the labor force is all the people who work for a particular company
in service training training takes place during your time of work
someone who is hand-picked is someone who has been carefully chosen for a special job or purpose
a glass ceiling is a point beyond which you cannot improve your position at work
in a general strike most people in a country refuse to work until they are given something that they are demanding
the division of .... labour is a way of organising work done by different groups of people
a gap year is a year between leaving school and starting university which is usually spent travelling or working
direct action is the use of strikes or violence as a way of trying to get what you want from an employer, instead of talking
the law of diminishing returns refers to a situation in which a smaller result is achieved for a increasing amount of effort
compassionate leave is a short time spent away from work for personal reasons
a demarcation dispute is a disagreement between trade unions about what types of work should be done by the members of each of them
in work have/has a job
out of work without a job
off work away from work due to illness