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Feel free to use this - I find it helps me learn all of the definitions! Copied straight from the textbook so perfect answers. Edexcel D1 maths

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The degree/valency/order of a vertex number of edges incident to it
A weighted graph A graph that has a number associated with each edge (it’s weight)
A graph A group of vertices (nodes) which are connected by edges
A sub-graph Part of a graph
A path A sequence of edges. The end vertex of one edge is the start vertex of the next. Vertexes are not repeated
A walk A path in which you are permitted to return to vertices more than once
A cycle A closed path
A loop An edge that starts and finishes at the same vertex
Tree A connected graph with no cycles
A spanning tree A sub-graph which includes all vertices of the graph and is also a tree
Bipartite graph Two sets of vertices X and Y. The edges only join vertices in X to Y
A simple graph A graph with no loops and not more than one edge connecting any pair of vertices
Directed edges The edges of a graph have a direction associated with them
Digraph Edges with direction in the graph
A complete graph Every vertex is directly connected by an edge to each of the other vertices
A complete bipartite graph r vertices in set X and s vertices in set Y
Isomorphic graph shows the same information but drawn differently from a graph
An adjacency matrix Records the number of direct links between vertices
A distance matrix Records the weights on the edges. When there is no weight, it is indicated by “-“
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