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What is energy transfer? The flow of energy from one object into another object.
What is an example of energy transfer? When you kick a ball, the kinetic energy from your foot is transferred to the ball, making it move
What is energy transformation? The conversion of one type of energy into another type of energy.
What can the chemical energy of using an iPod turn into? -Electrical energy -Sound Energy -Heat energy
What can the elastic potential energy of a jumping frog turn into? -Kinetic energy -Sound energy -Heat energy
What are some of the changes that happen when a glass falls off the table? Gravitational potential energy --> Kinetic energy + Heat energy --> Kinetic energy + Heat energy + Sound energy
What can a solar cell transform light energy into? Electrical energy that is then converted into different types of other energy for use.
What does the law of conservation of energy state? It states that energy can never be created if destroyed.
What does this mean? - Energy might be passed on or wasted, but it is never lost. - If one object wastes energy, it is always gained by another object, usually as heat.
What is "wasted" energy? Wasted energy is energy that is not useful.
What is useful energy? Useful Energy that converts the original source into something that can be used.
Is useful energy the input or output of an object? The output.
What is energy efficiency? The amount of useful energy output from a device compared to the amount of energy that is input.
How do you know the difference between an efficient device and inefficient one? An efficient device converts most of its input energy into useful output. However, an inefficient device converts most of its input energy into unuseful output.
Why isn't a car considered efficient? Because 75% of the input energy is wasted.
What is renewable energy? Renewable energy that is unlimited in supply and can be used over and over again.
What are some examples of renewable energy? Solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric energy.
What are non-renewable energy resources? They are energy resources that can only be used once and will soon run out.
What are some fossil fuels? Coal, oil, or natural gas.
Why are fossil fuels used to power most Australian homes? They are used to power homes because they have formed over millions of years, capturing chemical energy in the process that is released when burnt, providing the energy for the houses.
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