Metabolism in Late Fasting

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Insulin:Glucagon Ratios 0:0.05
Liver- Glycerol from T.A.Gs Made into pyruvate
Liver- Protein --> Amino Acids Made into pyruvate
Liver- Pyruvate Made into glucose
Liver- Urea synthesis Stimulated massively
Liver- Fatty Acids Made into Acetyl CoA
Liver- Excess Acetyl CoA Converted into ketone bodies & excreted for use in the muscle/brain
Adipose Tissue- Glucose Little entry
Adipose Tissue- Fatty Acids Broken down from T.A.Gs and exported to liver
Muscle- Ketone Bodies Used for movement as well as F.As
Muscle- Pyruvate No longer converted to Acetyl CoA
Brain- Ketone bodies Used as a partial replacement for glucose
Brain- Glucose Still needed
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