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CH serves lots of potatoe's, list all the options. (7) American, French, and Sweet Potato Fries. Baked, Loaded Baked, Sweet Potato Baked. Mashed.
A straight across trade for French fries is . . . ? (7) options. Apple Sauce, Potato Salad, Cup of Soup, Cottage Cheese, Cole Slaw, CH Chips, Yogurt.
For .99 cents extra customers can upgrade French fries with these (3) items . . . Side Salad, Bowl of Soup, Sweet Potato Fries.
For $1.50 extra customers can upgrade French fries for these items . . . . Wild Rice, Quinoa, Risotto. Watch for price changes, and always know availability of items. If item is not available the BEST response is: We have sold out of this item.
For $1.99 customer can upgrade French fries with this item . . . Onion Rings.
Baked Potatoes are ready to be served at what time . . . 4:30 pm.
Baked sweet potatoes are also served They are served with cinnamon butter.
What is Risotto? Pronounced "ri-sot-to". CH risotto is made using Arborio rice. The rice is cooked in broth to a creamy consistence. Mushrooms are added.
What is Quinoa? Pronounced "kin-wa" Quinoa, is gluten free and high in protein. Similar to cous-cous. Red and black varieties are used at CH.
CH serves American fries with all breakfasts. What are they? American fries are round sliced white potato that is fried. Not a shredded "hash brown".
The Breakfast menu has three different fried potato options: Name them. Cabin fries, Gypsy fries, Adobe fries.
Cabin fries are American fries with what added to them? Diced onion, crisp bacon pieces, American cheese.
Gypsy fries are American fries with what added to them? Smoky chunks of ham, onions, Swiss cheese.
Adobe fries are American fries with what added to them? Onions, Chorizo pork sausage, Swiss & American cheese, picante Sauce.
SALT FACT: CH does not salt potatoes it serves. Customers salt to their taste.
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