Chapter 26

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Describe the water jet cutting process. Water jet cutting uses a high-pressure, high-velocity stream of water directed at the work surface to cut the work.
What is the difference between water jet cutting, abrasive water jet cutting, and abrasive jet cutting? WJC cuts with a narrow, high velocity water stream; AWJC adds abrasive grits to the water stream; and AJM cuts with abrasive particles that have been added to a high velocity air stream.
How does increasing discharge current affect metal removal rate and surface finish in electric discharge machining? As discharge current increases, metal removal rate increases and surface finish is degraded.
What is meant by the term overcut in electric discharge machining? Overcut refers to the gap between the electrode (tool) in EDM on each side of the tool and the machined hole, cavity, or kerf (in wire EDM).
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