Theme One- Me, My Family and Friends

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Spanish words on Family and Friends

Carmen Trinh
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Question Answer
To receive, to welcome Acoger
To advise Aconsejar
To agree on Acordar
Teenager, Adolescent Adolescente
To thank Agradecer
To bear, to put up with Aguantar
Happy Alegre
Kind Amable
Friendly Amistoso
Very Old, Ancient Anciano
Old Person El anciano
Ring El Anillo
Lively Animado Like animated
Unpleasant Antipático Opposite of simpatico?
Last name El Apellido
Nickname El apodo
Bold, daring, cheeky Atrevido
Mean, miserly Avaro
Generation Gap La barrera generacional
To kiss Besar
Kiss El Beso
Moustache El bigote
Wedding La boda
Quiet, reserved Callado
Bald Calvo
Affection El cariño
Affectionate Cariñoso
Married Casado