The Revolutionary War

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Who were colonial minutemen? people that were ready to fight in a minutes notice
The shots fired at Lexington, MA have been referred to as the "Shots Heard 'Round the World"....Why is this? it began something big for history, major event
Describe the important outcome of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. the British were forced to retreat against the amateur colonists
What would the major difference have in outlook have been in the Second Continental Congress compared to the First Continental Congress? the First Continental Congress was afraid while the Second wasn't
Explain the importance of Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" it turns "the tide" away from the king
Who wrote/adopted the Declaration of Independence? Why was it important that members of all colonies signed it? Thomas Jefferson: Second Continental Congress: everyones on board
In the Declaration, explain the purpose of the Preamble explains why this is taking place
In the Declaration, explain the purpose of the Declaration of Natural Rights everyone has basic rights and the government should protect them
In the Declaration, explain the purpose of the Grievances colonists complain about the British King/government
What was declared in the Resolution of Independence? colonists are free, power to do 3 things. 1) make war 2) form alliances 3) trade with other countries
Explain the three audiences of the Declaration 1) king of England 2) Tories/Loyalists 3) rest of the world
Explain the self-evident truth everyone is created equal with same rights
What are the three basic rights of all people? 1) life 2) liberty 3) pursuit of happiness
What is the purpose of the government? secure and protect natural rights of all people
Describe the important right that the people have in dealing with the government "alter or abolish" to change or throw out their government
Summarize the advantages of the colonies fighting on home ground, fighting for rights, french alliance
Summarize the disadvantages of the colonies untrained soldiers, small army, shortages in supplies, weak/divided government
How did the British feel they could severely damage colonial morale, causing them to lose hope? wanted to make sure Patriots knew they would be hanged for treason, win several battles quickly
Explain the importance to Britain in taking control of NYC was biggest city, wanted to cut off New England from rest of colonies
Describe why the British victory in NYC was not a total victory failed to take George Washington
Explain the rationale for Washington's decision to go to battle on Christmas it would be a surprise attack, British wouldn't be ready
Describe how the British takeover of Philadelphia was not a total victory Second Continental Congress escaped
Why was the Battle of Saratoga the turning point in the war for the colonists? French alliance starts here
The final surrender of the British took place where? Yorktown, Virginia
What were the provisions of the Treaty of Paris, officially ending the Revolutionary War? U.S. is an independent nation with Mississippi River as its Western border
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