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This is about the Spanish words that we say during class

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Bienvenido c604d4b1-df63-4994-800b-c762f7ef80fe.jpg (image/jpg) f2aa64ed-eebd-4d60-8daa-7ca96bb8abb1.gif (image/gif)
Quien falta hoy? 57005e76-31b6-40a1-853b-6ef37aa2c13a.jpg (image/jpg) Who is missing today?
Hoy vamos a aprender/ repasar... 0bb7d90e-77f3-437a-89aa-2c90b3c9f3d5.jpg (image/jpg) Today we are going to learn/ review...
Escriban sus apuntes ed0daba3-fc82-4b2a-b3db-a4637b3906ee.jpg (image/jpg) Write down your notes
Silencio, por favor d6b85cb9-1193-4918-bf27-13f59047f443.jpg (image/jpg) Silent please
Entendieron? 588faa38-5049-48de-9972-cf4d30a6d3cd.jpg (image/jpg) Did you understand?
La proxima clase hay examen a6c420e4-4d5b-4822-9635-b112b9b20d18.jpg (image/jpg) Test next week
Puedo ir al bano? 50f9c7fb-1cd9-44eb-9971-63e6734c41a9.png (image/png) May I go to the bathroom?
Puedo ir al tomar agua? ac1631d1-d280-48b3-849f-17ed1bdf1c01.jpg (image/jpg) May I drink water?
Como se dice en Espanol... 8add49ab-91f1-44e5-bb72-e76ef9836295.jpg (image/jpg) How do you say in Spanish...
Repitan despues de mi 146a0ce2-9ce1-4fdd-8bbd-54071a39f40a.png (image/png) Repeat after me
Usen el diccionario accadcf0-c69c-4f97-a785-7192a6bf8404.gif (image/gif) Use the dictionary
El escritorio del profesor 4e7ce084-19a1-4dfb-947d-225ea7a7ba28.png (image/png) Teacher's desk
La tarea de hoy es... Today's homework is...
Recuerden hacer la tarea Remember to bring your homework
Es hora de recreo It's recess time
Es hora de almuerzo It's lunch time
La calse se acabo Class is over
Que significa esta The definition is
Los escritorios de los estudiantes Student's desk
Adios amigos Bye friends
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