Spanish GCSE Verbs

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Abrir To Open
Acabar To Finish
Aceptar To Accept
Acompañar To Accompany
Aconsejar To Advise
Acostarse To Go to Bed
Afeitarse To Shave
Agradecer To Thank
Ahorrar To Save (MONEY)
Almorzar To Have Lunch
Alquilar To Rent/Hire
Amar To Love
Andar To Walk
Añadir To Add
Aprender To Learn
Arregler To Tidy
Ayudar To Help
Bailar To Dance
Bajar To Get Off (A BUS)
Bañarse To Bathe
Beber To Drink
Buscar To Look For
Caer To Fall
Cambiar To Change
Cantar To Sing
Cenar To Have Dinner
Cepillarse To Brush (TEETH/HAIR)
Cerrar To Close
Coger To Take/Catch (A TRAIN/BUS)
Comenzar To Start
Comer To Eat
Comprar To Buy
Conducir To Drive
Conocer To Know (BE FAMILIAR WITH)
Contestar To Answer/Reply
Correr To Run
Creer To Believe
Cuidar To Look After
Charlar To Chat
Dar To Give
Darse Prisa To Hurry
Deber To Have to
Decir To Say/Tell
Dejar To Leave (OBJECT)
Desayunar To Have Breakfast
Descargar (Música) To Download (Music)
Desear To Wish
Dibujar To Draw
Discutir To Discuss
Disfrutar To Enjoy
Disvertirse To Enjoy Oneself
Doler To Hurt
Dormir To Sleep
Ducharse To Shower
Durar To Last
Echar de menos To Miss
Elegir To Choose
Empezar To Start
Encantar To Love
Encontrar To Find
Enfadarse To Get Angry
Enseñar To Show/Teach
Entender To Understand
Enviar To Send
Escribir To Write
Escuchar To Listen
Esperar To Hope/Wait For
Estar To Be
Estar Resfriado To Have a Cold
Faltar To Miss
Fumar To Smoke
Ganar To Gain/Win/Earn
Gastar To Spend (MONEY)
Golpear To Hit
Haber To Have (AUXILARY)
Hablar To Speak
Hacer To Do/Make
Ir To Go
Ir de Compras To Go Shopping
Lavar(se) To Wash (Oneself)
Leer To Read
Levantarse To Get Up
Llamar To Call
Llamarse To Be Called
Llegar To Arrive
Llevar To Wear/Carry
Llevarse Bien con To Get on Well With
Llorar To Cry
Llover To Rain
Mandar To Send
Maquillarse To Put on Makeup
Montar (A Caballo) To Ride (A HORSE)
Morir To Die
Nacer To Be Born
Nadar To Swim
Navegar en Internet To Surf the Internet
Nevar To Snow
Odiar To Hate
Ofrecer (regalos) To Give (presents)
Oír To Hear
Olvidar To Forget
Parar(se) To Stop
Parecer To Seem
Pasar la Aspiradora To Vacuum Clean
Pasar To Spend (TIME)
Pasear(se) To Go For A Walk
Patinar To Skate
Pedir To Ask (For)
Pensar To Think
Perder To Lose
Poder To Be Able to
Poner To Put
Poner la Mesa To Set the Table
Preferir To Prefer
Preguntar To Ask (A QUESTION)
Quedarse To Stay/Remain
Quejarse To Complain
Querer To Want/Like
Quitar la Mesa To Clear the Table
Recordar To Remember
Reembolsar To Refund
Reír To Laugh
Rellenar (una Ficha) To Fill out (a Form)
Repasar To Revise
Robar To Steal
Romper To Break
Saber To Know (FACTS)
Sacar (Buenas Notas) To Get (Good Marks)
Sacar Entradas To Buy Tickets
Sacar Fotos To Take Photos
Salir To Leave
Saltar To Jump
Seguir To Follow
Sentarse To Sit Down
Ser To Be
Sonreír To Smile
Subir To Go Up/Climb
Tener To Have
Tener Calor To Be Hot
Tener Frío To Be Cold
Tener éxito To be Successful
Tener Hambre To Be Hungry
Tener Prisa To Be in a Hurry
Tener que To Have to
Tener Sed To Be Thirsty
Tener Sueño To Be Sleepy
Tener Suerte To Be Lucky
Tirar To Throw/Pull
Tocar To Touch/Play (INSTRUMENT)
Tomar To Take
Tomar el Sol To Sunbathe
Torcer To Twist
Trabajar To Work
Traer To Bring
Tratar de To Try To
Triunfar To Succeed
Utilizar To Use
Vender To Sell
Venir To Come
Ver To See
Vestirse To Get Dressed
Vivir To Live
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