20.3 Vaughan Lesson GIMNASIA VERBA "Why...?"

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VOCABULARIO: filling, Spaqhetti; Fork; Spoon; Plate ; Bowl ; Rice; Chopsticks.

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Question Answer
0a0bc995-9294-4483-97ed-ecd44ecf787c.png (image/png) Lee las frases y responde con una pregunta usando Why.....?
I´m working Why are you working?
They´re studdying Why are they studying?
We´re looking at you. Why are you looking at me?
Andrew ´s reading your letter why is Andrew reading my letter?
Teresa´s having lunch with me Why is Teresa having lunch with you?
I´m talking to yours boss Why are you talking to my boss?
My cousing is writing a poem why is your cousing writing a poem?
My dog´s sitting in your armchair Why is your dog sitting in my armchair?
Darrens mum is cooking for ten why is Darren´s mum cooking for ten?
Darren´s having a party Why is Darren having a party?
I speak German to my children Why do you speak German to your children?
Tony plays the violin in the bathroom why does Tonny play the violin in the bathroon?
Julia sleeps in the kitchen why does Julia sleep in the kitchen?
Leroy has lunch in the garage Why does Leroy have lunch in the garage?
Florence cooks in her bedroom why does Florence cook in her bedroom?
we alwoys drive to work in a truck why do you always drive to work in a truck?
Charlie eats apples under his desk why does Charlie eat apples under his desk?
My wife and I drink wine in the dark why do your wife and you drink wine in the dark?
. happy
. sad
. angry
. tired
disgustado upset
. hungry
. thirsty
. full
I´m happy why are you happy?
she´s sad because.... why is she sad?
they´re tire becouse.... why are they tired?
Tristan´s upset beacouse.... why is Tristan upset?
we´re thirsty because.... why are you thisty?
Jenny´s hungry because... why is Jenny hungry?
My parents are angry because... why are your parents angry?