components adhesives and applied finishes

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what are knock-down fitting and what are they used for ...give an example To join metal products.
what tools are often used to puy together KD fittings allen key.
give 3 examples( names) of KD fittings and their uses knock down half block cam lock corner plate.
all about hinges this one nath. why do things have hinges !!!!!!you need to give more in this answer!!!!!!!!!!!
give me 3 and explain the uses brass butt .steel butt tee hinge
surface preperation nath..gdad always says get your prep done right and the jobs half why is it so important so the grain does not show up.
so how would you prep a wooden surface , and why is there different grades of sandpaper sandpaper-120 180 140.
doin the prep on metal surfaces.what is deburring and why is it important draw filing.
doin the prep on plasic surfaces. what is silicon carbide paper and what is it used for edges smooth.
>>abrasive paper<<< this comes is different grades give me the 2 examples coarse glass fine wet.
who won the world cup in 2006 Italy.
think we shall mind map the finishes on wood and metal nath so can you do me one for both .
now ref to page 45 for exam style questions you will need to know there also .
******adhesives******* what is an adhesive bond materails together.
why is it important to choose the correct adhesive !!!!!!!!to stick the right materials together.!!!!!!!!!! it needs more that answer is a bit obvious
superglue( cyanocrylate) can be used to stick what together apart from naths trousers!!?? wood metal plastic.
naughty people sniff evo glue and it makes them "high" but what is it normally used for gluing wood metal plastic.
why should you clean any excess adhesive off so it doesnt remain there for the finish.
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