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Chapter one vocab

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Technology 9bfa4005-454a-4ab3-abbe-8f456be8b852.png (image/png) is a tool or device that solves human problems
Hardware f897613b-7eb6-4ebe-a942-2b3f1de2a68c.jpg (image/jpg) is the basic machinery and circuitry of a computer
Software 8fee54fb-df91-4300-b7bb-ffb362a7a77d.jpg (image/jpg) is the computer instructions that tells the hardware to perform specific functions through codes
System Software is the overall functioning and control of a computer
Application Software 7142b191-ecbd-4e28-93e4-cb02a5e942c6.jpg (image/jpg) performs specific functions to produce a variety of services. EX: spreadsheets
Virtual Library 53e0b21f-ccd3-4a5d-a290-1f318712f885.jpg (image/jpg) An internet accessible computer that allows access to a collection of curriculum/instructional resources
Digital Textbook 7ff14dc9-e1cb-475e-a2bb-c3fa8e881a11.jpg (image/jpg) An online textbook
Online learning environments Extends the classroom beyond the school day
Cloud-based office Allows teachers to organize and manage some or all of their work digitally
Technological Pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) Describes how 21st century skills can be taught through 21st century technologies
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