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Technology 894f81f6-958d-429f-975e-7f01915a3eb5.jpg (image/jpg) a tool , device, or material whose purpose is to solve human problems.
Computer b004323f-fca1-4d2b-a615-64f7cd89e089.jpg (image/jpg) an information-processing machine that manipulates data by following instructions of human programmers, millions of times a second.
Hardware 89ca073e-ba9b-4b36-9ce3-eb111ab65d42.jpg (image/jpg) basic machinery and circuitry of a computer.
Software decfb414-b9c5-44f7-b076-3c7a60280f87.png (image/png) a term for computer instructions -- combination of codes communicating to hardware for a specific function.
System software ddc056aa-43c5-4924-afb7-89147795d0a2.png (image/png) the "brain" of a computer: control and function
Application Software 4d2db3f6-f188-4771-84f2-b03153ea3078.jpg (image/jpg) a part of the computer that performs special functions in a variety of ways: word processing, databases, spreadsheets, slides and presentations etc.
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) allow users to create, use, and share knowledge.
Virtual Library fc1dcddd-086e-477c-b5e9-76f203354ca6.png (image/png) a computer with Internet access and bookmarks that gives teachers a variety of curriculum and instructional resources.
Digital Textbook d8ed94a0-6769-446c-a76c-4e37e6c4b98f.png (image/png) otherwise known as an e-book. Found on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. No more paper!
Online Learning Environments extending classroom experiences by using a personalized teacher class page for the students.
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