Forces and Acceleration

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Question Answer
What does an object need to start moving? A force
What happens when the resultant force on an object remains zero? The object will remain stationary
What does 'no change in Velocity' mean? That there is no resultant force
What happens if there is no resultant force on a moving object? It'll carry on moving at the same velocity
What are the criteria for an object to move at a constant velocity? All forces on the object must be balanced
What must an object have to keep it moving at a steady speed? Zero resultant forces
What happens when there is a non-zero resultant force on a moving object? It will accelerate in the direction of the least amount of force
What will a non-zero resultant force always produce? Acceleration (or deceleration)
List five different forms of acceleration. 1) Starting 2) Stopping 3) Speeding up 4) Slowing down 5) Change in direction