The Glass Menagerie

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What was The Glass Menagerie first called? The Gentlemen Caller
What did the unicorn symbolize? Represented Laura because it was unique from the other horses and after the horn broke off it was less "freakish". Represents that she is "freakish"
What does the fire escape represent? Their desire to get free and escape from each other.
What was Tom's escape? The movies and eventually the military. BUT he never truly escapes
What was Amanda's escape? The past.
What was Jim's escape? College
What represented the father? The "coffin trick" because it seems impossible to escape a nailed shut coffin. It seems impossible to escape their family, but his father escaped.
How was music and lights a symbol? -The candle lights set mood -The victorla represents father -The dance hall next door lead to kiss
What was Jim a symbol for? What is hoped for
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