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Explain, in detail, the reasons why many people use their right to vote in elections.  It gives you a say on important issues that affect you such as the Referendum on Scottish Independence in September, 2014.  It gives you a say in who represents you on your local Council, in the Scottish Parliament, at Westminster and in the European Parliament.  It is especially important in Marginal constituencies.  Many people believe that voting is a civic right which they should use. 65% of people turned out to vote in the 2010 General election.  Across the world, people have died fighting for the right to vote and be part of a democracy.
Describe, in detail, the ways in which MPs can represent their constituents in the House of Commons.  Asking questions at Prime Minister’s Question Time on a Wednesday eg Dundee MP Jim McGovern asking why the government isn’t supporting the computer games industry.  Asking questions at Minister’s Question Time eg Defence. Can ask questions relating to a local issue eg Thomas Docherty MP asking a question about military contracts and employment at Rosyth.  Speak in adjournment debate. Half hour debate at the end of the day’s business on an issue raised by a backbencher, usually about a local issue.  Join a Committee and raise relevant issues.  Private Member’s Bill eg Daylight Savings Bill.  Meet constitue
Describe, in detail, the rights and responsibilities of American citizens The right to vote in a large number of elections for a large variety of elected posts.  The right to freedom of speech means that Americans can express their opinions at meetings and through the media on many different topics.  The right to protest and demonstrate to gain attention for your views. For example, a march outside the White House in Washington DC.  The right to join a political party or an Interest Group with other people who have similar opinions. For example, the Republican and Democratic Parties and/or an Interest Group such as the National Rifle Association.  The responsibility to register for elections, use your vote, and to do so in a considered way.  The responsibility to respect the views of others and not tell lies – America has powerful laws against libel and slander.  The responsibility to demonstrate peacefully, to stay within the law.
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