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Question Answer
what is the sun powered by? It is powered by nuclear fusion
How much energy does the sun release? 378 billion billion billion watts
How much energy makes it down to the earths surface? 40%
What happens to the wavelengths as the radiation increases? The Wavelengths become more narrow
What will happen if ultraviolet light penetrates the ozone layer? Humans will start getting more cases of skin cancer
What are the green house gases? Water vapor,carbon dioxide, ,methane gas
How much of the suns energy is reflected back into space 30%
What do clouds do that help protect the earth? They reflect some of the light
Whats the problem with living in snow covered regions? They receive less light
What do volcanoes do that effect climate? it realse carbon dioxide
Waht do ash clouds and volcanoes do they allow dark light through making it cooler
what does cfc stand for? chlorofluorocarbon
what is an ozone layer? ozone gas surrounding the earth
what recently happened to the ozone layer? There was a hole in it!!!!!!!!!
how much rays get reflected 30%
what is electromagnetic spectrum solar energy in earth
why is solar energy so important? the earths eccosystem depends on plants... plants<herbivores<carnivores
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