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Electricity key definitions & formulas

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Question Answer
Alternating Current (AC) a flow of electric current that keeps changing direction at a very fast rate
Direct Current (DC) an electric current that flows in one direction only. It is the form in which batteries supply electricity.
Current - a flow of electricity - measured in Amps (A) - charge= charge passing/ time taken - I=Q/t ( to remember equation think: I quit)
Energy a form of power
Voltage (V) - energy given/ carries per unit charge - measured in volts (V)
Resistance - a measure of how difficult it is for charge to flow. - measured in Ohms (Ω) - in equations it has the symbol R
Power - the rate of transfer energy - rate means per second - measured in Watts
Energy a form of power such as electricity, heat, or light that is used for making things work.
static electricity electricity that does not flow in a current but is found in some objects when they rub together & give an electric shock
Voltmeter a piece of equipment used for measuring voltage
Ammeter -( not Amita) ] Measures the flow of current