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What is the sun powered by? The Sun is powered by nuclear fusion.
How does hydrogen nuclei produce helium nuclei and large amounts of energy? They combine together at extreme temperatures and pressures.
What is the total amount of energy released by the sun? 63 million watts per square metre of it's surface.
W The total energy used by all human activities on Earth is about 15 thousand billion watts which is about one ten-trillionth of the Sun's energy output.
From the solar energy reaching the Earth's surface, about how much of it makes it down to the Earth's surface? Only about 40% makes it down to the Earth's surface.
What is the solar energy that enters the Earth's atmosphere called? Electromagnetic radiation.
What is an electromagnetic spectrum? An electromagnetic spectrum is a range of different forms of light and other energy carrying waves.
What is the ozone layer? The ozone layer is a thin layer high in the atmosphere that absorbs ultraviolet radiation.
What would happen if the ozone layer did not absorb ultraviolet radiation? Without the ozone layer the ultraviolet light would reach the Earth's surface, increasing sunburn and rates of skin cancer.
What are some examples of high energy forms of electromagnetic radiation? Gamma rays and X-rays.
What can these forms of electromagnetic radiation do? These forms of electromagnetic radiation could damage cells in living organisms.
What is chlorofluorocarbon? Chlorofluorocarbon is a chemical used in refrigeration, greenhouse gas, damaged ozone layer.
What are greenhouse gases? Greenhouse gases are gases in the atmosphere that absorb electromagnetic radiation.
What are some examples of greenhouse gases? Some examples of greenhouse gases include: -Water vapour -Methane -Carbon dioxide
What do infrared waves do? Infrared waves carry heat energy.
How does Earth remain balanced? A balance occurs when as much energy radiates out into space as the Earth receives from the Sun.
What is contrail? Contrail is the long thin clouds created by the exhaust gases of high-flying jet aircraft.
What would happen if less energy was lost than gained? The Earth would slowly heat up.
What is an enhanced greenhouse effect? An enhanced greenhouse effect is an effect of increase in the greenhouse gas concentration.
What is a greenhouse effect? Greenhouse effect is absorption of electromagnetic radiation by gases in the atmosphere warming Earth.
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