Vitamins and Minerals

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Additional requirements for B6 are in ______ excess of the amount secreted via lactation
It is estimated that about ______ the amount of B6 is required in addition to the EAR five times
The amount of folate required for lactation is _______ compared to non-lactating period increased
The bioavailability of food folate is approximately 50%
in regards to folate, women who partially breastfeed need _____ less
in the first 6 months of lactation, the amount of B12 secreted into the mother's milk is _____ compared to that in the second 6 months of alctation higher
Low B12 concentrations are seen in mothers with a strict vegetarian diet and in developing countries where consumption of animal products is low
B12 needs to come from _____ in a context where the mother is not receiving B12 in her diet diet
Liver stores of B12 will be _______ to supply B12 inadequate
Infants not receiving B12 could develop.. cretaceous anemia
Choline requirements are _____ during lactation increased
The AI of choline is based on ____ absorption efficiency 100%
Vitamin C requirements during lactation are _____ during lactation increased
Vitamin C content of human milk ____ with the length of lactation and milk volume _____ with addition of solid foods - declines - declines
EAR of vitamin C is ________ for longer periods of lactation not decreased
True or False: smoking increases the need for vitamin C in the diet True
why is extra vitamin C required during smoking to combat oxidative stress that is brought on by smoking
Vitamin A requirements are ____ in the first 6 months of lactation increased
Increased vitamin A requirements are made to assure .. adequate body stores of vitamin A
Vitamin D requirements ______ during lactation do not change
Vitamin D requirements do not change because the amount that is transferred to breast milk is rather minimal
Vitamin E requirements ______ during lactation increase
Vitamin E deficiency in infants receiving human milk is .. extremely rare
Vitamin E in premature milk is.. not optimal for premature infants since they are in a condition of increased oxidative stress and may need additional amounts that may not be supplied by the breast milk
Vitamin K requirements _____ during lactation do not change
Vitamin K content of milk is ______ affected by intake of lactating women who consume typical diets little
Vitamin K is _______ in milk not secreted significantly
In order to correct for the lack of vitamin K in breast milk.. vitamin K shots are administered to newborns
True or False: Renal function and hydration status are not different during lactation true
AI for water intake during lactation is based on median intake
Another approach to determine AI for water during lactation is to Sum
The sum approach to determining the water AI during lactation is the non-pregnant need PLUS the water content of the average milk output
Breast milk is _____% water 87
The efficiency of conversion of K to milk production is 100%
K requirements ______ during the first 6 months of lactation increase
Na requirements ______ during the first 6 months of lactation do not change
the AI for chloride is ______ based on the AI for Na equimolar
The primary source of calcium secreted in human milk is from increased maternal bone resportion
The increase resportion is _____ of calcium intake independent
Bone loss during lactation is ______ upon return of ovarian function regained
Maternal bone resportion is usually driven by a loss of estrogen which has a bone resporting effect which mimic what happens at menopause
Maternal bone resportion is ______ and generally after the lactation state _____ - temporary - bone content go back to normal
Calcium in breast milk is _____ by dietary calcium unaffected
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