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Basic structure of an amino acid?
Where does translation take place? At the ribosomes in the cytoplasm
What is a) Diastole b) Systole a) relaxed b) contract
Whats the difference between starch and glycogen? Starch: storage, plants, insoluble, 1-4 and 1-6 Glycogen: energy, animals, insoluble,1-4 and 1-6
Give one reason why a person might overestimate the risk of developing CVD? E.g. knew someone who smoked and dies from CVD, therefore believing if you smoked you will die from CVD
What bonds join fatty acids to glycerol? Ester bonds
Why does HBP increase the risk of CVD? Increase risk of damage to artery walls -> increase risk of atheroma -> CVD
Explain ventricular systole... Atria relaxed, ventricles contract, pressure increase, AV valves shut, SL valves open
Describe how atheroma forms... Damaged artery -> fatty acids build up -> hardens = fibrous plaque
Why is the left ventricle wall more muscular than the right? Pumps blood to the body
What is the role of fibrin in the blood clotting process? Fibrin tangle together to form a mesh in which red blood cells get caught in
What's the structure of membranes? Bilayer - phospholipids, proteins and carbohydrates
How does endocytosis work? A cell surrounds a substance with a section of its cell membrane. Pinches off and forms a vesicle inside the cell
How does exocytosis work? Vesicle pinches off sacs and moves towards the cell membrane. Fuses with the cell membrane and releases their content outside the cell
Where does transcription take place? In the nucleus
What are mutations? Changes to a base sequence of DNA
Difference between dominant and recessive? Dominant appears when theres only one copy, where recessive needs two
What is mono-hybrid inheritance? Inheritance of a single characteristic by different alleles
What does alcohol do to cell permeability? Higher the concentration the more permeable because it breaks down lipids
Whats a micelle? Hydrophilic heads point towards the outside and hydrophobic tails point inside (emulsion)
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