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Question Answer
PET Polyethylene terephthalate Good alcohol and oil barrier Chemical resistant High impact resistance and tensile strength. Can discolour Must be treated before being foodsafe (else taste problems). Used in fizzy drinks bottles.
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride Good chemical and weather resistance Stiff, tough, hard and lightweight Can become brittle over time from UV exposure. Wiring insulation, pipes and guttering, floor covering.
Polypropylene/PP Light and hard. Chemical and impact resistant. Degrades in UV light. Oxidation when manufacturing problem. Carpets, kitchenware, syringes.
Expanded Polystyrene/PS Buoyant, lightweight, good insulator. Crumbles and breaks. Ignites easily. Packaging, insulation, displays.
Compressed Polystyrene/PS Light, hard, stiff. Low impact strength. Weak and ignites easily. CD casings, fridge linings, water tanks.
ABS Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. Chemical resistant, hard and tough. Degrades under UV light. Smooth shiny surface finish. Mobile phones, safety helmets.
Epoxy Resin E.g. Arildite. Corrosion and electrical resistant. Good bond qualities. Suspected health problems, irritant/allergic reaction. Resin + hardener/catalyst. Adhesives, paints/coatings, electronics.
Urea Formaldehyde Strong, hard, brittle. Heat resistant. Emits toxic vapours during manufacture. Electrical fittings, domestic appliances.
Polyester resin Good electrical insulator and heat resistant. Is brittle and can crack. GFRP boats/cars Garden furniture.
Polycarbonate Good electrical resistance, extremely good heat resistance. Tough and very strong. Smooth and transparent. Riot shields, car headlamp lenses, baby feeding bottles, CDs.
Acrylic Thermoplastic. Durable utilised properly. Good insulator. Stiff and brittle - breaks, scratches and splinters easily. Used in lighting, CD cases, car lights, baths.
HDPE High Density Polyethylene CHEMICAL and impact resistant. Good electrical insulator. More flexible than acrylic but can break under stress. Colour fades over time. Used in water tanks and pipes, buckets, bowls.
LDPE Thermoplastic. Good electrical insulator. Flexible (but can break under stress) and chemical resistant. Colour fades over time. Used in washing up liquid bottles, dustbin sacks, cable insulation, packaging film.