English - prepositions (in, at, on)

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two o'clock at (The concert starts at two o'clock.)
midnight at (We came back at midnight.)
morning in (I learn in the morning.)
Saturday on (I'll see you on Saturday.)
2009 in (I met you in 2009.)
a moment in (She will be back in a moment.)
weekend at (I go dancing at the weekend.)
past in (We stayed there in the past.)
Christmas Day on (I see my entire family on Chrsitmas Day.)
time on -->punctual (The class finished on time.)
time in --> soon enough (I hope he arrives in time for dinner.)
the end at --> something ends (They fly back at the end of the month.)
the end in --> finally (He didn't buy the watch in the end.)
first at (I didn't like him at first.)
France in (They spent two weeks in France.)
the sea in (Some people like to swim in the sea.)
a garden in (There is no-one in the Garden.)
the bus stop at (He will be waiting at the bus stop.)
the wall on (There is a nice painting on the wall.)
bottle in --> inside (There is still water in the bottle.)
bottle on --> outside (There is a label on the bottle.)
sky in (There are many clouds in the sky today.)
second floor on (The office is on the second floor.)
the coast on (They live on the coast now.)
the top at (She wrote her name on the top of the page.)
the front in --> car (Babies are not allowed to sit in the front.)
the front at --> places, groups (Their garden is at the front of the house.)
the front on --> letter, paper (The signatures were not on the front of the letter.)
the corner in --> of a room (The vase is in the corner of the room.)
the corner at /on--> of a street (The post is on the corner.)
home at (He usually stays at home in the evenings.)
station at (We can meet at the station.)
bus on (I saw Jake on the bus.)
car in (Sam arrived in that car.)
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