Physics mod P6 Electricity and gadgets

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Briefly explain what causes resistance in a metal conductor? .
Find the current when a resistance of 96 is connected to a battery of 12v .
Four resistors with a resistance of 2,4,6 and 3 are connected in a circuit in parallel. Calculate the total resistance of the circuit? .
Explain how potential dividers work? .
State the formula for potential dividers. Do you own worked example .
Write down two facts each about: a)LDRs b) thermistors .
Question 8 look at it in the book Nath, you need to draw .
Question 9 too Nath, look at it in the book, drawing again .
What are AND gates made from? .
Explain how an LED can be used to show the output of a logic gate? .
Question 12 Nath time to draw again please-make a sketch of a relay .
Give a definition of a magnetic field .
Q,s 14 and 15 look in the book again Nath, some more sketching .
Explain how Fleming's left hand rule works .
Q17 Nath, look in the book, sketch time .
What is electromagnetic induction? List four factors which affect the size of the induced voltage. .
Q19 Nath......guess what.....look in the book and sharpen your pencil .
Q20 look in the book again please Nath, pencil at the ready .
In a transformer, the primary voltage is 6v, the primary current is 10A and the secondary voltage is 3V. What is the secondary current in the treansformer? .
A transformer has an input voltage of 20V and an output voltage of 16V. If there are 64 turns on the secondary coil, how many turns are there on the primary coil? .
Explain why power is transmitted at such high voltage? .
Write down three facts about isolating transformers .
Explain briefly how a diode works. What semiconducting material are diodes often made of ? .
Explain the two ways in which an AC current can be rectified. Include circuit diagrams and voltage time graphs in your explanation......sorry time to get the pencil out again Natty .
What is a capacitor? How can it be used to smooth rectified voltage? .
Electronic components are getting smaller. Explain why this could be a bad thing for : a) manufacturers of electronic devices b) users of electronic devices .
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