B4 - Animal Nutrition

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What is a balanced diet? A diet that contains all the main nutrients (carbohydrate, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre & water) in the correct amounts and proportions.
How does a balanced diet relate to the age, sex, & activity of an individual? ➢ Dietary requirements depend on your age, sex and activity; ➢ The amount of energy needed is provided by our carbohydrate and fat intake; ➢ Generally, males use more energy than females; ➢ And generally the energy demand increases as we get older until we stop growing; ➢ Someone doing physical work will use up more energy than an office worker; ➢ While children are growing they need more protein per kilogram of body weight than adults do; ➢ Pregnant women need extra nutrients for the development of the fetus.
What are the causes, symptoms, and consequences of obesity? Causes: Too much food Symptoms and consequences: Heart disease, stroke, diabetes
What are the causes, symptoms, and consequences of coronary heart disease? Causes: Too much saturated fat Symptoms and consequences: Cholesterol sticks to the walls of coronary arteries, therefore not enough blood can get in the heart, this leads to a heart attack
What are the causes, symptoms, and consequences of starvation? Causes: Too little food Symptoms and consequences: Weight loss, organ damage, death
What are the causes, symptoms, and consequences of constipation? Causes: Lack of fibre Symptoms and consequences: Unable to defecate, pain
What is ingestion? Taking substances (e.g. food and drink) into the body through the mouth
What is egestion? Passing out of food that has not been digested, as faeces, through the anus
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