Jekyll and Hyde

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English Language Techniques
A Level: English language and literature techniques = Structure
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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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Cell Structure
Unit 2 flashcards
Jekyll and Hyde
How does Shakespeare present villainy in Macbeth?
New English Literature GCSE
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Using GoConqr to study English literature
Sarah Egan
Using GoConqr to teach English literature
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Question Answer
List the 5 themes in Jekyll and Hyde - Science and the unexplained - Law and the unexplained - The duality of human nature - The names Jekyll and Hyde - The size and age of Jekyll and Hyde
List the 4 main characters in Jekyll and Hyde Dr Jekyll Dr Lanyon Mr Hyde Mr Utterson
What does the author suggest by creating Hyde being much smaller than Jekyll? Hyde is a smaller part of Jekyll, but that if people repress the bad in them it will take over and destroy them.