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What becomes of the Turkish fleet? On the way to Cyprus they ended up in a bad storm and all the ships sunk
In what order do the three ships of Venice arrive? first is Cassio's ship and the gentleman on shore ask him about Othello. He doesnt know where he is as they were separated in the storm. Then comes Iago's ship with Desdemona. Finally Othello arrives
When Cassio arrives what does one of the Gentleman ask him? How does he respond? He asks him if Othello is married. He responds may saying many very nice things about Desdemona, not knowing that these things may be used against him later
What is Cassio's first thought when he sees Desdemona? What is her first thought? he thinks of her first and compliments her, saying she is the best part of the ship and that the sea wouldn't dare to capsize a ship that carries such a beautiful treasure. She thinks first of Othello and asks about him at once. Cassio doesn't realize he's digging his own grave
After a sparing conversation between Desdemona and Iago, what does Desdemona do? How does Iago react to this? she goes off into a corner with Cassio and the two talk intimatley. Iago has an aside to the audeince, spurng Cassio on, knowing that all of this can be seen by others and works as evidence for his plant
How does Iago describe Cassio in his aside? he describes his flirtatous nature, shown by how often he kissed the three fingers on his hand as she speaks and that these actions will cost him his job.
Who arrives that this point? Othello's ship arrives and he comes on stage, his first thought is of his wife.
How do Othello and Desdemona speak about their happiness at this point? How is this ironic? Othello says he wishes there could be many storms if he could see her after each one. He says he could die now as he thinks he could never be happier as he doesnt know what fate has planned. Desdemona responds by saying their happiness will only grow with age. The irony is this really is the happiest they will ever be and soon they shall be miserable
All leave accept Iago and a disguised Rodrigo? What do they talk about? Iago tells Rodrigo that Desdemona is in love with Cassio. This isn't true but Rodrigo is an idiot so he believes him. He goes on to say that Desdemona will soon tire of Othello when she's tired of sleeping with him. When this happens she will look for someone who is more similar to her in looks, upbringing, manners, and age. Cassio fits all of these criteria. Her nature will take over and she will grow to hate Othello.
How does Iago describe Cassio here? says he has no conscious and uses his politeness simply to get the girl he wants. he says he is an opportunist in this endever but if an opportunity doesn't come up he makes one
Rodrigo argues about his prediction? What does he say? What does Iago say? he says Desdemona is blessed an would never do such a thing, but Iago argues if she had really been blessed she never would have married Othello.
how is the impending love story between Desdemona and Cassio described? meant to be read like a book with what has already happened with then as the prologue to the whole book yet to come.
What does Iago tell Rodrigo to do? tells him to find a way to anger Cassio that night. Tells him Cassio is quick to anger and he may strike at him, which isn't true. he plans to use that anger to prove he is an unfit leader and have him dismissed
What does Iago say to the audience once Rodrigo leaves? he admits that he does think that Cassio is in love with Desdemona, even if he doesnt plan to do anything about it. Desdemona may bot be in love with Cassio but at least the idea is believeable. Although he hates Othello he also admits he does have a loving Nature and thus loves his wife. He even admits he loves her a bit also.
What does Iago want with Desdemona? What does this say about him? he wants to sleep with her out of revenge, thinking Othello slept with his wife, or wants to make Othello so jealous of him or any other man that he can't stand it. he also thinks Cassio slept with his wife which is another reason he hates him. Iago is very paranoid and doesn't think very highly of his wife
What does he plan to do if Rodrigo succeeds? he will talk badly about him to Othello both to make him jealous of Cassio and to make Othello love, reward, and thanks. He wins both at once
After Iago's speech, we know the soldiers are having a party to celebrate there will be no battle. What is happening with the main characters? Cassio offers to take over the watch so the men can celebrate and Othello retires to consummate his marriage. Cassio goes to find Iago and tells him he must come with him to the watch.
What does Iago suggest? How does Cassio respond? What does this tell us about Cassio? Iago says they still have some time and suggests they have a drink. also he starts to talk about Desdemona, trying to get Cassio to say something vulgar about her. Cassio remains the gentleman while Iago is vulgar as usual. We learn Cassio is a lightweight and he has already had a cup and can feel a headache already from it.
Iago convinces everyone to drink. How does Cassio change? Cassio gets very drunk, all the while swearing he isn't drunk.
Iago starts to have a conversation with Montano. What do they talk about? How does this benefit Iago? Iago talls Montano that Cassio has a drinking problem, which isn't true. He goes on to say his vice is equal to his virtue as a soldier. goes on to say he fears Othello choice in him and wishes to cure Cassio as he lives him. He would never tell Othello for that reason. he says all these thinks to convince Montano that he does love Cassio so no one can suspect he wanted to get Cassio is trouble.
What unexpected thing happens next? Cassio suddenly runs on stage chasing Rodrigo and cursing.
What is the first thing Iago does? he tells Rodrigo to go ring the town bell, then acts upset when he hears it
why is the bell an issue? the people of the town are still fearing Turkish invasion. the bell will make people think they are under attack
Othello enters. What does he say? What is the end He is very angry and threatens to kill the next man that draws his sword as now everyone is fighting. He asks Montano what happened and he is reluctant because he thinks Iago will attack him. Iago then talks and Othello thinks he is downplaying what happened. In the end Othello fires Cassio.
Cassio and Iago talk. What do they talk about? What is Iago's suggestion Cassio is really upset, curing alcohol and swearing he will never drink again. Iago tells him to beg with Desdemona as Othello loves her and will listen to her
Is Iago's Advice to Cassio good? what is it? it is actually good advice. He tells him to plead with Desdemona. Becuase Othello loves her so much eh would do anything she asks. Iago has another part to the plan so this will actually hurt Cassio even though it sounds like a good idea.
After Cassio leaves, How does Iago describe him? How does he describe Desdemona? called Cassio an honest fool. His plan is to make Othello bleieves that Desdemona is pleading for Cassio becuase she loves him. He describes Desdemona as being too generous and it will be her downfall
Rodrigo shows up. What does he say to Iago? he is getting angry as he has gained nothing yet but he has been beaten and he has almost no money. Iago manipulates him more, promising things will move forward now that he has gotten Cassio fired.
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