Pathophysiolgy of Atheroclerosis

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Risk Factors for atherosclerosis? Age, Smoking, Lack of exercise, High cholestrol diet,
Layers of vessel wall?
Where is cholesterol synthesised? Liver
Main reason for atherosclerosis formation is endothelial dysfunction, how does this happen? smoking hypertension
Where does atherosclerosis mainly occur? Areas where disturbance in blood flow occurs - bifurcation, branches off blood vessel, low lamina flow.
What lipoprotein carries cholesterol from the liver to the peripheral tissues? Low Density Lipoprotein
What does the high density lipoprotein do? Carry excess cholesterol from the 'overflow' situation in periphery back to the liver.
When in excess LDL can go into the intima and become oxydised - what is the effect of this? oxydised LDL is pro-atherogenic
What does a macrophage become once it ingests lipid? Foam cell
Function of cholesterol in the body? precursor for steroidal hormones precursor for Vit D3 waterproofing of epidermis (skin) component of cell membranes
When endothelial cell is damaged what does it release? Van Willerband Factor -act like hooks which connect with platelets (form platelet plug)
What causes the inflammation? Coagulation (platelet plug) LDL's
How does the fatty streak formation form? Continued LDL deposition below the tunica intima
What do the macrophages do? Engulf LDL and become foam cells
Symptoms of atherosclerosis? Depends which vessel -coronoray artery disease (angina with activity) -claudication (pain in peripheral with activity, ischemia) -brain (TIA)
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