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What do waves do as their job? transfer energy
what is ment by the medium? The material being moved or what the wave is made of.
what is ment by the period? THe time it takes for one wavelength to pass a fixed pount. T= t/N
what is ment by frequency? The number of wavelengths passing a point, each second. F= N/t
what is ment by the zero position? how the medium would be without a wave distrubing it.
what is ment by the crest of a wave? A point of maximum positive displacement from the zero position.
what is ment by the trough? the bottom of the waves.
what is ment by the amplitude?
what is the equation for using wavelength? lamba= distance / Number of waves
what can we use to analyse a wave? an oscilioscope
what would waves look like if we had a slow time base? /Users/Morrison/Desktop/sound-waves.gif
what would the wave look like if it had a fast time base?
do slow/fast time base give low/high frequency? slow= low fast=high
how do you measure the speed of the wave? v=d/t
what is the two equations used to measure speed of wave? v=d/t , v= lamba /T
what is the speed of sound in air? 340m/s
what is a transerve wave? vibrations are at right angles to the direction of travel
name the 7types of light in the EM spectrum? Radio, Microwaves, Infrared, Visable, Ultravoilet, X-rays, Gamma Rays
what is the speed of light in air? 3 X 10 8 m/s
what are longnitudal waves? the vibrations travel the same way as direction of wave
give an example of a transverse wave? light (EM SPECTRUM), water waves
give an example of a longitudinal waves? sound waves
can electricmagnetic spectrum waves travel through a vaccum? yep
what is ment by the normal? a line at right angles to the surface
what is ment by the incident ray? the ray of light going towards the pont
what is ment by the refelcted ray? the ray of light going away from the reflection point
what is ment by the angle of incidence? the angle between normal and the ray
what is ment by the angle of reflection? the angle between normal and reflected ray.
what do convex reflectors do? the use the outside of the curve and cause rays from sources to come together and create a beam , such as on cras.
how does a reflecting telescope work? the use a primary mirror to focus light. a second one to reflect the light to a convient point.
what speed does light travel in , in a optical fibre? 2x 10 8m/s
what happens to light in an optical fibre?
what is diffraction? When he wave bends around an object
what kind of wavelengths do light have? sound? short wave lenghts, long
where does diffraction occur most ? in big gaps where it can bend easily
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