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This is is a review for my big test that is coming up on monday
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Predefined dialog box that displays information to the user. Message Box
A function that allows a user to input any information that they got. inputBox
Returns the actual string value of an item. Text Property
A new dialog box called the string collection editor will appear, be careful with your spelling. Item property
set to true by default, if it is set to false, the list box will not be available Enabled property
set to false by default, if it set to true, your collection of items will be sorted. Sorted property
set to true by default , if it is set to false then the list box is not visible by the user that is running the program.ComboBox Visible property
displays a list in a drop-down box. Combobox
gives the user a list of choices whereas a ComboBox allows the user to input any information that they got. ListBox
Is typically used in an assignment in an if and then statement as it returns True/False. Tryparse
Set of statements that performs a specific task that you want. Function
Phrases used multiple time to enhance rhythm and create emphasis. repitition
Makes a specific statement Declaration
An error that the program can still run if your code has this small of not important error. Logical error
a very important error. The program will not even run if your code contains this big of an error. syntax error
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