Scottish Referendum Case Study

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Contemporary conflicts and challenges, separatism case study of Scottish independence.

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Scottish Separatism Reasons why All governing powers to Scotland Get the government they choose No more nuclear weapons Securing oil funds in the North Sea Has the resources and finance Creating more Jobs/Minimum wage Different political and social views
History King Alexander III died in 1286, Granddaughter Margaret took the throne King Edward I of England took hold Scottish landowner William Wallace led the resistance to English rule In 1328, England gave up overlordship War between England and France, Scotland invaded England Elizabeth I took the English throne. Mary, Queen of Scots was a rival Mary's son, James, took the throne after Elizabeth died, uniting the nations Referendum in 1997, voted in favour of devolution of powers
Key Events in the Referendum 18th Sep 2014, Voters voted to remain Feb 2013,Referendum by the end of 2014 12th march 2013, teen vote proposed 25th 2012 June, Better together campaign 25th 2013 May - Yes campaign Key statistics Actual votes : -2,001,926 (55.3%) N -1,617,989 (44.7%) Y -Turnout of 84.6% 5 opinion polls in December 2013 and January 2014 gave 39% Y and 61% N Polls in September figured; 49% N and 51% Y
What's happening now? 2nd referendum is being proposed after EUR - 62% of scots voted remain Scottish citizens urged to give opinions on referendum proposals Jan 17 Labour's Kezia Dugdale says UK is Scotland's important union in tackling wealth distribution and inequality.
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