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Why is the EKAA explained first, although it is attained only at the end of the bodhisattva path? "It is the principal result that is the object of seeking." For Mahayana trainees, an exalted knower of all aspects is the principal goal to be attained, and when they hear about its excellent qualities, they will generate enthusiasm and want to follow the path in order to attain it.
What is the definition and boundaries of an exalted knower of all aspects? Definition: a culminated exalted wisdom directly realizing the ten topics, mind-generation and so forth. Boundaries: It exists only on the buddha ground.
What are the 10 topics of an EKAA? 1. Mahayana conventional generated mind 2. Mahayana instruction 3. Mahayana path of preparation 4. lineage abiding in the nature, the support of Mahayana achievings 5. object of observation of Mahayana achievings 6. object of intent of Mahayana achievings 7. achieving of armor 8. achieving of engagement 9. achieving of accumulation 10. achieving of definite emergence
Although it is appropriate to explain EKAA that at the beginning, why are merely [its topics,] generated mind, instructions, and so forth explained? "It is appropriate to explain those, because it is asserted that, by means of thoroughly explaining the stanzas that summarize the exalted knower of all aspects, the object-possessor is extensively characterized by the objects." The first chapter of the Ornament does not actually explain an exalted knower of all aspects itself; instead, it explains the ten topics which characterize it. As explained in the Introductory Section, these ten topics characterize an exalted knower of all aspects by way of being the objects known or realized by an exalted knower of all aspects. By understanding the ten topics, we will gain a better understanding of an exalted knower of all aspects: its excellent qualities, how it is attained, and so forth.
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