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In some countries, polio is still common. Give two advantages of continuing with a polio immunisation programme in the UK. 1. Possibility of introduction of virus from abroad. 2.Spread limited if most people are immune.
Food will keep longer if its placed in a refrigerator at 2°C. Refrigeration doesn't kill bacteria. What does the low temperature do to bacteria? It is too cold for the bacteria to divide or reproduce.
Most drugs that kill bacteria cannot be used to treat viral infections. Explain why. Because viral infections get into your cells and multiply. To destroy to virus, you would have to destroy your cell.
Explain why a mutation of the Influenza virus might cause another Influenza pandemic. The virus' antigens change. The vaccine is not effective. The antigens are not recognised by the WBC's antibodies. People travel abroad & spread the infection.
Antibiotics are now used in hospitals. What is an antibiotic and what does it do? They are a type of drug. They can only kill bacteria.
MRSA is causing problems in hospitals. Give one reason why. It has become resistant to antibiotics.
How can the work of Semmelweiss help to reduce the problems caused by MRSA? Washing hands reduces spread of infection between doctors and patients.
Describe how a student could test for carbon dioxide. Give the result of the test. Add to limewater and see if the water turns cloudy/murky.
Name four properties of transition metals. 1. Conducts heat. 2. Forms coloured compounds (fireworks) 3. High melting points. 4. Strong
The use of titanium is limited because it is expensive. Explain why titanium costs more than steel. 1. Large amounts of energy must be used. 2. There are lots of steps involved. 3. Only produces a small amount of titanium.
A new way to extract copper from land that contains low percentages of copper sulphide is phytomining. Give to advantages of phytomining over the traditional method (2) 1.Burning the plants produces heat 2. It costs less than the traditional method
Some slimming programmes include daily exercise. Explain how daily exercise helps a person lose mass/weight. Daily exercise helps a person to lose mass because they are burning the calories they take in and their metabolic rate increases/their cells respire faster.
What type of chemical is released by some white blood cells to attack viruses. ANTIBODIES!!!
Hepatitis B is more likely to be spread among people who share needles when they inject drugs. Why is this so? Because the virus is found in body fluids and blood would be on the needle meaning it would spread.
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