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Br. Ousamma if that's how we spell your name I just wanted to tell you I didn't add that many pictures because my questions didn't require pictures.

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Question Answer
What is Analysing? Analysing is when you study somearhing like an object
What is Observing? Seeing something and to look at every nook and cranny of it.
What is Creating? To make something.
What is a Independent Variable? Something you change in your science investigation.
What is a Dependent Variable? A dependent variable is when you measure something in your science investigation.
What is a Controlled Variable? A controlled variable is when you keep something the same in your science investigation.
What is Applying in Science? It is when you add something in and it works so you apply it.
What is Acid? Acid is a type of corrosive material than can burn through anything.
What type of heating equipment will you be using in school? 98d01f7f-e7e3-46ec-832a-bfaf3da86835.jpg (image/jpg) Bunsen Burners and Hotplates. They are very hot and can cause serious burns which is explanatory because of their name. ad58307f-8b45-4fd7-a975-9ebcdb4857fb.jpg (image/jpg)
What is a Beaker? A type of measuring cup used to measure liquids.
What is Oceanography? The ocean surrounding Antarctica is used to regulate the Earth's weather.
What is Antarctica used for in different branches of science such as Space Science? It is used for space science because there isn't that much air pollution so astronomers can look at the sky.
How cold is Antarctica? The coldest it has been (this is information from my resources which is a book) is -89.2C.
What is Climate Change? Climate change is the change of climate because Antarctica's ice is melting.
What are branches of science? Branches of science are different disciplines of science.
What is Astronomy? The study of space and the stars.
What is Physics? The study of matter and energy.
What is Biology? Biology is study of science that studies things such as plants, tiny bacteria and viruses.
What is Chemistry? Chemistry is the study of science that studies chemicals and chemical reactions.
What is Geology? Geology is the study of rocks and the Earth.
What is Psychology? Psychology is the science of how and why we behave the way we do.