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Aloof Away at some distance but withing view
Array proper order/regular arrangement
blandishment A coaxing; flattery
Bounteous Given freely; generous
dirge funeral song or tune
discomfit defeat the plans or hopes of
Disposition One's habitual way of acting toward others
Ensconce Shelter safely
Havoc A great destruction or injury
Infamy A ver bad reputation
Lamentation Loud grief/ cries of sorrow
Mimic Make fun of by imitating
Produgious Very great; huge
Propriety Prevent or reduce the anger of
Pugnacious Having the habit of fighting
quell put and end to
quiver shake with slight but rapid motion
reconnoiter approach and examine in order to learn something
reprimand a severe formal reproof
scowl look angry by lowering down the eyebrows
sputter make a spitting or popping noises
stow put away to be stored
sullen silent because of bad humor
suppliant asking humbly and earnestly
swindler person who cheats and defrauds
vouchsafe be willing to grant or to give
wanton reckless, heartless, malicious
ward division of a hospital or prision
wearily worn out, tired
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