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U-values A u-value is the amount of energy that passes through 1 metre squared of material. The lower the u-value the better the insulator and the less energy lost.
Dense Dense is how tightly packed particles are.
Conduction Conduction is the transfer of energy in a solid.
Radiation Radiation is the transfer of heat energy using waves. No particles are needed.Everything gives off radiation; different surfaces give off different amounts.
Convection Convection is the transfer of energy in a fluid - a liquid or gas.
Efficiency Efficiency is how well a machine changes energy into useful forms of energy. Efficiency = (Useful energy out/total energy in) x 100
Energy used Energy used = power(kw) x time(h)
Infrared radiation Energy transfer by electromagnetic waves. All objects emit radiation. The hotter the object is the more radiation it is emitting at any given time.
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