Von Neumann Architecture

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Register, bus and component definitions.

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Registors Areas of memory inside the computer; they work at a fast speed so bottlenecks are not caused.
Program Counter (PC) Keeps track of the memory location of the line being executed; always points to the next instruction being executed; allow the program to run in sequence.
Memory Address Register (MAR) Stores the address of the data or instructions that are going to be fetched from or sent to.
Memory Data Register (MDR) Stores data that has been fetched from or stored to memory.
Current Instruction Register (CIR) Stores the most recently fetched instruction, waiting to be decoded and executed.
Accumulator (ACC) Stores the results of calculations made by the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU).
General Purpose Registers Are used temporarily to store data being used rather than sending it back to RAM.
Buses Communication channels used to send data on the computer.
Data Bus Carries data between the processor and the RAM.
Address Bus Carries the address of the memory location being written to or read from.
Control Bus Used to send control signals from the control unit.
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