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What is the national grid? A network of cables and transformers used to distribute electricity
What are step-up transformers? They increase the voltage and lower the current, so less heat is lost making the system more efficient
What are step-down transformers? They decrease the voltage , so it is more safe to use in buildings.
What are 4 disadvantages of underground cables? Expensive ⟶ difficult to install ⟶ difficult to repair ⟶ closer to humans
What do waves transfer? Energy and information
What are transverse waves? Transverse waves vibrate perpendicular to direction of energy transfer. All electromagnetic waves are transverse
What are longitudinal waves? Longitudinal waves vibrate parallel to direction of energy transfer. Sound waves are longitudinal
What is the amplitude? The Height of the waves from the middle (rest) to the top (peak)
What is the frequency (Hertz,HZ) The number of waves passing in one second
What is the Wavelength? The distance from one wave peak to the next
What is a plain mirror? A flat mirror
What is the normal? A dashed line drawn perpendicular to the mirror
What is a Virtual image? It is a image formed from virtual rays and CANNOT be projected onto a screen
What is the angle of incidence? The angle of reflection
How do you draw reflection in 3 steps? 1. Draw the image same distance from the mirror ⟶ 2. Draw straight lines (virtual and real) from image to eye ⟶ 3. Draw reflected rays the to object
What is refraction? When waves change direction (bend) as they cross a boundary
Why does refraction happen? Because the waves change speed in each substance
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