Chapter 8, Electromagnets, Inductors, and Transformers

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Electronics A complete Course Second Edition, Nigel P. Cook

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As current passes through a conductor: a magnetic field is developed
When an electromagnet reaches maximum strength, it is considered to be: at saturation
A rapidly reversing magnetic field causes heat dissipation know as: Hysteresis loss
A conductor’s magnetic field causes heat dissipation know as: current flowing through it
Electromagnetism induction is the generation of: electricity from magnetism
An inductor is rated by a unit named: Henry
What is one characteristic of an induction? passes dc
Inductance is the ability of a coil to oppose: current change
The formula to determine total inductance when inductors are connected in parallel is similar to: Series capacitors
10. Three parallel inductors of 84 mh, 96 mh, and 160 mh, will provide a total inductance of how many millihenrys? 35
Opposition to current flow without the dissipation of energy is called: Inductive reactance
In an inductive circuit, reactance will: XL = 2^ f L Increase with frequency
What is the phase angle in a purely inductive circuit? 90 degrees
14. What is the inductive reactance of a 1mH coil, when the applied frequency is 15 kHz? XL = 2^f L = 2^(15,000Hz)(.001H) = ? 94.2 ohms
15. What is the impedance of a 1 kHz series RL circuit, when R and XL are both 1000 ohms? Z = R2 + XL2 = (1000)2 + (1000)2 = ? 1414 ohms
What is the total impedance of a series circuit, when the applied frequency is 455 KHz, and L=10 mH? XL = 2^ f L = 2^ (455,00)(.010) XL = 28.59 Kohm Zt = (15.)2 + (28.59)2 = ? 32.2 K ohms
What is the true power of a 24 Vac parallel RL circuit, when R = 45 ohms, and XL = 1100 ohms? P true = (Vs)2 / R (24v)2 / 45ohm = ? 12.8 watts
The circuit impedance for a 60 Vac single coil circuit that has a coil current of 4.47 amps is: V = I Z / Z = V 60v/4.47=? 13.42 ohms
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