Top 10 Restaurants in Guelph for Students

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A list, in no particular order, of the top restaurants in Guelph for students. Criteria is affordability, tastiness, accessibility and ambiance.

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Question Answer
TOP 10 RESTAURANTS IN GUELPH FOR STUDENTS Guelph is known for having some amazing food, and there are definitely lots of great spots to choose from. This list is covers the top ten places to eat as a student based on affordability, accessibility and taste, in no particular order.
1045168_526892390699457_775864596_n.jpg (image/jpg) The Cornerstone: Great coffee, great beer, great food, great vibe and great for vegetarians/vegans. This place is conveniently right downtown Guelph and makes for the perfect hippy hang out spot.
download__1_.jpg (image/jpg) Symposium: $3.75 burgers and $3.75 pints every Monday night - what could be better? Check out this great place, located right across from the mall for nightly deals on food and drink.
pint_2526392b.jpg (image/jpg) THE SHAKESPEARE'S ARMS: This place has the perfect classic pub feel with some really delicious, and affordable meals. Fish n' chips are a must try!
5CfDE8eyfEjHoQ.jpg (image/jpg) SALSATERIA: Best place to grab a snack after the bar, open till 3AM and right downtown. The tacos are delicioso!
IMG_11-300x190.jpg (image/jpg) THE BOATHOUSE: This adorable little oasis by the river is the perfect place to sit in the sun, enjoy a cup of tea, some lunch or icecream. They're open when the weather is nice so pick a sunny day and check them out.
The_Brass_Taps.jpg (image/jpg) THE BRASS TAPS: Obviously the Taps had to be on this list. Being in the middle of campus definitely has its advantages and has made this place perfect for a study break and casual drink. Tuesday Trivia Night is one of the best nights in the city, a definite must do.
1688482_755211811158000_554201371_n.jpg (image/jpg) WITH THE GRAIN: Freshly made bread every day makes anything from this locally owned cafe amazing. It's a great chill spot for a nice brunch, lunch or snack. Also worth taking a loaf home with you, it's that good.
465449_294169740655643_247451493_o.jpg (image/jpg) ZEN GARDENS: This Asian inspired vegetarian restaurant will leave you feeling recharged and zen-ified. This hidden gem is easily accessible from downtown and offers a great intimate vibe.
sunset-grill.jpg (image/jpg) SUNSET GRILL: This classic breakfast joint is the best in the city. It offers fast service, fresh food and the necessary cure after any night out.
manhattans-pizza-bistro__1_.jpg (image/jpg) MANHATTANS: This classy pizza bistro is the perfect place to your date, without breaking the bank. The live jazz music and mouth watering pizzas will set the mood.