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extend, diffuse spread across (v)
to mix, blend to mingle (v)
bad luck, ill fortune misfortune (n)
to have a good/bad relationship with smn to be on good/bad terms (expr)
to fail to care for or attend to sufficiently or properly neglect (v)
overspread with foliage overgrown (adj)
wasted worn out (v)
relaxed in manner or attitude easy-going (adj)
strong tough (adj)
cunning, astute shrew (adj)
to be severe in negotiating a transaction to one' s advantage to drive a hard bargain (v)
to ridicule to scorn (v)
two weeks a fortnight (n)
violent anger rage (adj)
worthless trash contemptible rubbish (adj)
to send forth with some force, to send off to launch (v)
a movement away from the enemy after a defeat retreat (n)
a sudden attack by sb who has been hiding and waiting ambush (n)
horse' s shoes hoofs (n)
a boy who works in a stable stable-lad (n)
to wound smh with a animal's horns to gore (v)
to step heavily on something to trample on (v)
to jump off/on to leap off/on
without preparation impromptu (adj)
beside a grave, esp when sb is being buried graveside (n)
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