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transform The internet has transformed our lives. to change completely (for the better)
purchase You can purchase tickets for the play from the box office. to buy
irrigate The water from the lake is used to irrigate the land. to supply land with water to help crops grow.
preserve We need to preserve historic buildings for future generations. to look after so that it lasts a long time
attain He attained his driving licence at the third attempt. to achieve or gain something after a lot of effort
commence The academic year commences at the beginning of October. to start / to begin
conserve Governments need to do more to conserve endangered species. to protect something from harm or loss
persist The heavy rain persisted for many days. to continue to exist (something bad)
trigger The earthquake triggered a tsunami. to cause something to happen
analyse The scientists analysed the data. to consider/examine carefully
construct The government is planning to construct a new nuclear power plant. to build
justify No argument can justify war. to prove or show that something is necessary
to publish The newspaper published an article about the murder. to print copies of a book, article etc...
insert He inserted the key into the lock and opened the door. to put an object inside another object
release The substance released toxic fumes. to leave something and enter the surrounding area / atmosphere.
consume Many children consume too much junk food. to eat or drink (food) to use up (energy / fuel)
prohibit The law prohibits cigarette advertising on television. to make something illegal to forbid something
modify They modified the design in order to improve it. to change something slightly in order to improve it
reject The government rejected the proposal. to not accept / to not agree with an idea, proposal, request or offer
monitor Students need feedback from tutors to monitor their progress. to regularly check and comment on progress
ensure Students must ensure that they take their passport to the IELTS test. to make certain
demonstrate The test demonstrates a link between consumption of fast food and obesity. to show / to make clear
examine He examined her passport carefully before stamping it. to look at something carefully
promote The government wants to promote tourism with a new advertising campaign. to encourage or help something to happen
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